Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Summorum Pontificum

Well it's been one year since the Pope released the motu proprio "Summorum Pontificum." It's interesting that it was released on 07/07/07. "777" is sometimes referred to as "God's Number."

Alas, in my diocese, there has been no implimentation of it. A year ago I had heard of a few probabilites where this would be implemented, but none of them have come about to my knowledge. Overall the liturgical situation of my diocese appears to be pretty neglected by those in authority. The only extraordinary form of the Mass is done by the Fraternity of Saint Peter. Their Low Sunday Mass is completely full, and their High Sunday Mass is overflowing. They really do need their own parish.

Thankfully, the response in other diocese and countries has been greater. Fr. Z. and The New Liturgical Movement have been keeping track of many of the positive responses priests and bishops are making to the motu proprio. Some diocese are even getting permanent parishes for the special use of the Traditional Mass. The most notable example is that Rome now has one.

I now just wait for His Holiness to offer the extraordinary form. He and Msgr. Guido Marini have done a lot for getting the papal liturgies back on track, at least in the ordinary form. I think they are just building up to eventually saying the extraordinary form and saying it more often.

So, say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for this gift from Pope Benedict, and say a prayer for an increase in priests and bishops making the extraordinary form more available.



Ronny said...

Is the lack of implementation in your diocese due to episcopal resistance or clerical apathy towards the motu proprio?

Roman Sacristan said...

I think both. However, I have heard rumors (but no direct evidence) that the bishop does not like Latin. And from the bishop's letter about Summorum Pontificum right after the motu proprio was released, I don't think the bishop really understands the document.
Liturgy is definitely not a priority in my diocese though.
But I am unware of any other priests (aside from the FSSP) even attempting to offer the TLM.