Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Into Great Silence on order

Oooh, I just got my notice that the process of getting an early copy of "Into Great Silence" is now underway, and I just ordered it.

The DVD will not be released in the United States until this Fall, but it is being released in Canada at the beginning of April. Shawn Tribe at the blog The New Liturgical Movement has been generous enough to get a bulk discount and will buy them for anyone interested.

If you would like to take part, you can look at these posts:

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The cost is $30.00 USD plus $10.00 USD for shipping. It may sound a bit steep, but you do have to realize this is a foreign film, that has limited release, and is being made available early.

This movie was a huge hit in Germany much to everyone's suprise. It looks to be very inspiring and well done. It has won awards and been recognized at film festivals around the world.

For those of you wondering, the DVD will be Region 1, which means that it will work on DVD players in North America.

You can view the North American trailer here:

I also noticed a soundtrack exists, which may be of some intrest.

This movie would be great for anyone interested learning about contemplative life.


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