Thursday, March 29, 2007

Holy Week Marathon

I think this accurately describes how I feel right now in looking at the daunting task of Holy Week.

I can say it is by sheer grace that things go smoothly (or at least has so small amount of turbulance that people think everything goes smoothly). One motivation is from a past Holy Week I attended at a different parish many years ago, where there did not seem to be much preparation. The priest was having to give all sorts of rather overt signals to the servers, and at one point the servers were litereally bumping into each other.

Now, I am not doing this with the idea of "putting on a good show." Well, not in the normal way. I do get stage fright, but it is usually due to me realizing for Whom I am "performing:" not for the people, but for God Himself. My reasoning for wanting things to go smoothly is that I don't want to distract people with my mistakes. If I do my part right, then people don't really notice me, but rather are focused on the beauty of the Holy Week liturgies and worshipping God. The Holy Week liturgies are really something you have to "take in."

All this while trying to make sure I don't lose sight of the whole point of this as well. Making sure that I am focused on what is going on and giving my adoration to God as well.

Although I have been working on things, today is when the pace of preparations steps up to the next level. Printing of the handouts with translations are about to begin. So say a prayer for me as I prepare to do battle.

So, as a quick little reminder to all the readers: remember why this is the most solemn time of the liturgical year. This is THE MOST solemn celebration of our Redemption.

EDIT - please don't get the impression that I dread Holy Week. I love it. It's just that all the preparation can be very intimidating much like King Theoden looking out over the vast army of Uruk-Hai amassed in front of Helm's Deep. However, also does seem appropriate to quote part of Gandalf's line: "look to my coming at the first light" in light of Easter.


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