Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chant practice

Been busy practicing the chants of Holy Week. I learned a new piece, which although simple is beautiful nonetheless.

For some reason I have had a lot of trouble staying focused today. Yesterday I got most of Palm Sunday prepared, I just need to learn the Passion according to Saint Luke better. The Latin seems a bit more diffuclt, and some of the transitions between parts are a bit awkward for me.

Thankfully, Holy Thursday Mass and Good Friday Services are the same every year, so that will just be tweaking some things.

For anyone needing chant resources, there is a great chant site which I have had listed on sidebar for awhile. Although the quality of the chants are not great since it is just a guy with a recorder in the congregation at the monastery mentioned on the site, it is still good enough to help with some of the chants. It also has the music in picture format on most of the pieces.

Gregorian Chant Library

Also, something going around the blogosphere is an interesting recording. When I hear "soft jazz" I always think of the Weather Channel. I am assuming that this is what the background music would be for the Vatican's Weather Channel in England.

Master Singers' Weather Forecast

(Hat tip to The New Liturgical Movement's pointing this out)

OK, back to work.



Jeni said...

HAHAHHA. I love the weather forecast. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you practice your breathing techniques!