Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Information the new weapon of mass destruction?

Living in the information age is very intimidating. Have you thought about how much you have to know just to function in modern society? You have to be able to operate a car, use a cell phone, be familiar with a computer, keep track of finances, etc. If you don't know something, you have to be able to know how to learn to teach yourself what you don't know. Think about all the details that go into being able to figure out financial things like loans, mortgages, insurance, investments, etc. And that is just the more necessary or practical information. Then think of how much leisure information we take in. Sports trivia, Hollywood news, TV story lines, best websites, trivia, etc. It's pretty overwhelming when you think about it. Man is becoming more inundated with the things of this world that he often forgets the bigger picture. Even though we are becoming more technologically advanced, we have to know more and more just to survive.

It is pretty amazing when looking at all the "predictions" of the future there was always the staple of hover cars, space craft, and video phones. But who would have predicted that it would ultimately be communications and information that would be so dominant and would grow so exponentially. Remember when the concept of a small communications device or a micro camera were strictly for James Bond? Now we have both of those together an not only that, they can access an almost limitless supply of information by being able to connect to the web.

Not only is money power, now information is. However, information is just that, merely information. There is a difference between accurate and false information. Accurate information gives you an advantage over those without it. And even false information can give you an advantage over those with it. Sort of puts the culture wars in more perspective. That is the danger of the information age. Although you can spread the truth with greater efficiency, you can also have lies spread to you as well.

I can't vouch for how factual the information is in these videos, but they start to make you think. If you are into conspiracy theories, you might want to turn back now. LOL.



EPIC 2015
(Note: this was made in 2005, so the information "after" that is prediction)


And to think ... Blogger is owned by Google ... if you have read this, you are now under watch ... by THEM! :o

Paranoid yet? :)



Anonymous said...

When you figure out how a man is supposed to live on wages that were paid in the 80s would you please post your findings? It is hard to survive when everything goes up except an honest days pay for an honest days work.

Roman Sacristan said...

I wish I knew. There are so many more "necessities" to pay for nowadays: car, electricity, water, rent, phone, long distance, cell phone, internet, etc.
Money gets tighter for me every year too.