Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Today is the feast day of Saint Joseph of Cupertino. I thought I would share a few pictures from Assisi. Last year at this time I was making pilgrimage to Italy. A year ago tomorrow, I was in Assisi. I found a friar there whom I had met back in 2002. He was gracious enough to "sneak" me into the cell ... or actually prison cell" where Saint Joseph of Cupertino was held during the time the friars thought he might be possessed because sometime he would levitate. So, I thank Fr. Alfeo for allowing me to see the cell.
One reason I had asked him and knew about the cell before was that I was able to see it back during my Rome semester in 1993. At that time it was pretty unkept and sadly looked like it had been used as a storage closet. But last year I figured since it was the day after Saint Joseph of Cupertino's feast day, and since I had a friend who had just joined the Franciscans of the Immaculate who had a great devotion to Saint Joseph of Cupertino, I thought I'd try to get in and say some prayers for him (and take a few photos).

Sorry these are a bit lower in quality.

Part of the "prison" cell where Saint Joseph of Cupertino was held

Where Saint Joseph of Cupertino prayed (same room as the picture above)

Habit of Saint Joseph of Cupertino above the altar where he said Mass while imprisoned
(in a separate room right behind me when I took the first two pictures)

Chapel dedicated to Saint Joseph of Cupertino
(his cell is on the other side of the painting)

Life of Saint Joseph of Cupertino on EWTN

Thanks again to Father Alfeo.