Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Ash Wednesday and Lent

I often enjoy the cartoon Lio, and thought this would be a humorous way to start the day:

And so Lent begins.

Then there's always that "trim your beard and wash your face" line, which I don't like. If I got a haircut, I would just imagine something like this happening:

No thanks. I'll just be cheerful, but keep the hair.

BTW - I ended up with the giant "smudge" of ashes on the forehead. Now I can offer up having everyone say to me "you've got some dirt or something on your forehead." LOL.



Thom said...

I had to go back to work (at a very public library) after Mass. I, too, have The Smudge.

Lori from Semperficatholic said...

Great pic. Did you take that after your last hair appointment.