Friday, December 07, 2007

Poll results

I probably could have designed the poll a bit better, but the end results were:

40: Yes at English Mass
25: No at English Mass
6 : Yes at non-English Mass
7 : No at non-English Mass

Overall, O Come, O Come Emmanuel was played at 60% of the readers' parishes last weekend.

At English Masses it was sung at 61.5% of the readers' parishes

And even at non-English Masses it was sung at 46%.

I guess I am not alone in hearing this song too early in Advent.



Anonymous said...

The Oratory Fathers are very careful in selecting Advent hymns...

Tern said...

At today's Mass, our Priest was out of town (we have only one at my Parish) and for some reason the person in charge of music wasn't playing. So, there was no entrance song. During collection the Lector whispered to me that we need music and that we should sing "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel". I chuckled, thought of you, announced the song and started singing. People joined in(thankfully). Then during Communion, I didn't know what all Catholics know to sing (being a revert that is a little over a year old) and the Lector was busy, so I announced that we would be singing, "Oh come let us adore Him". I could just imagine a big grizzly bear cringing at a song that should probably be saved till on or after Christmas day. The Lector was back for the leaving song (Antiphon?) and we sang a common one that I don't remember (temporary amnesia). Thought you would get a chuckle over today's Mass happenings.

Roman Sacristan said...

Yikes, at least O Come, O Come Emmanuel is an Advent song. Don't jump into other seasons now! LOL.
Yeah, I'd avoid Christmas hymns right now (even if, in one sense, every consecration at Mass is like a little Christmas).