Monday, June 30, 2008

Grizzly news

"Avid reader" Ronny sent me some grizzly news, well, not grizzly as in gruesome, but grizzly as in my mascot ... perfect for some Monday levity.

I personally hate it when people set up barbed wire to get my hair. In one sense I feel it is rather ironic. In this age of "animal rights," who does the US Geological Survey think they are to violate our grizzly privacy with their CCTV's!?!?! Are US national parks turning into London's 1984 becoming real with today's CCTV proliferation?

You humans need to quit assuming we want rights. We just wish you'd leave us alone and quit using us animals for your political agendas. PETA, LEAVE ME ALONE! The Onion has a point (LOL):

Of course the minute I saw the MSNBC video, I had to search youtube because I knew that somebody would do something like this:

Which eventually reminded me of the dancing bear in this video. I love the way these guys flip the usual "thug" image of rap and make it more "fuzzy."



semperficatholic said...

Those videos are great. I like the bear that is scratching to shake your bootie.

Ronny said...

I must object to your calling me an "avid reader." I have a reputation to keep, you know.

Don't ask me what kind of a reputation, though -- I'm not prepared to answer that one.

Roman Sacristan said...

OK, but compared to most, you are an avid commenter, thus you are the only one I know of whom I can prove actually reads the blog.