Tuesday, August 14, 2007

RS Movie Review - The Bourne Ultimatum


It's hard enough for me to want to go see movies. It used to be that I was always waiting for movies to be released and wanting to go see them as soon as they came out. Yet, ever since 1998 or 1999 it just seems like movies have been horrible. Aside from a tiny handful of movies, I have rarely visited a movie theater.

But a friend of mine introduced me to the Bourne series (I was out of the country when the first one was released), and was pretty amazed at the first movie, The Bourne Identity. I was a bit nervous about the second one, because often, sequels stink (a la Matrix vs. Matrix: Reloaded). But, I was pleasently surprised that the second was just as good, if not better than, the first.

So, the third one is here and again, "can Hollywood actually make a decent third movie?" Well, in my opinion: "Yes, yes it can!" The movie was right up to par with the first two and really does a good job of looking at the whole storyline. It is also a good movie in that in does deal with ethics, and you definitely see the slippery slope of trying to use "the ends justifies the means" morality.

I only had one minor complaint, but I won't mention it because it might cause someone who wouldn't have noticed it to be distracted by it. I'll only say, it was a similar complaint I had in the second movie. So if you didn't notice it in the second it shouldn't bother you in the third. And it's nothing that would objectionable anyway.

I would recommend that you see the first two movies first, as it will make a lot more sense as to what is going on and what some of the flashbacks and references are all about.

Like I said, not only is the third movie good, but the whole series is great. Action packed, very believable, and it does get you thinking about a lot of modern day things. These movies are definitely near the top of my favorites list.

It's PG-13 for violence and language (all in the series are). However, I find none of it gratuitous.

BTW - A movie like this is enhanced by seeing it on the big screen with a good sound system. It's good anyway, but it was certainly fun in the theater.


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