Thursday, August 02, 2007

Portiuncula (Porziuncola) Indulgence - August 2nd

The "Portiuncula" of Our Lady of the Angels inside the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels in Assisi, Italy

August 2nd is the day of the Portiuncula Indulgence. Although this started at the Portiuncula in Assisi, the little church of Our Lady of the Angels (Santa Maria degli Angeli), the indulgence was eventually granted to all Catholic parishes around the world.

Deo gratias, I have been getting a lot of hits from searches for this already. Again, my motivation for posting this is to help the souls in Purgatory.

All the info you need is here:

August 2nd - "Portiuncula Indulgence"



Anonymous said...

Yes we must pray for the souls in purgatory...a nice reminder...

Roman Sacristan said...

I encourage this since you could free a soul from Purgatory by offering the plenary indulgence for them.