Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Altering an Altar

I just saw this over at Fr. Z and The New Liturgical Movement, and I have to post this as well. This is awesome! With a bit of simple carpentry and some nice linens, you too can turn your dull sanctuary "table" altar into something that's actually beautiful for the Mass.

As a side note, a couple of simple pre-dieu kneelers make excellent "makeshift" Communion rails.



"Sister" Allie said...

Another amazing thing about this is is that the priests in it are, by my observation, young or younger. Further proof that many young Catholics find solace in the more traditional aspects of the Church something that some in the Church would like you to think untrue.

Another thing, does anyone know what song that is in the background? It is very beautiful.

Ronny said...

The comment about the youth of the priests in the video is ironic in light of two articles I have read in the past week or so, one in Newsweek and another in Time, about how backwards Pope Benedict supposedly is. I found myself scratching my head as I read those articles with their dour criticism by aging "progressives" of an allegedly retrograde pope with whom I and many other young Catholics I know identify far more readily than these magazines' self-appointed barometers of "where the church is headed and how the pope is out of touch with that direction."