Monday, March 03, 2008

Requéscat in pace Dom Gerard Calvet

I am a couple of days late on this only because I just found out.

Please pray for the soul of Dom Gerard Calvet, OSB. He is the founder of the community that is now Le Barroux in France.

Dom Gerard during the Canon of his jubilee Mass

I had the opportunity to meet him while on retreat at Le Barroux during Lent of 2002. He was an extremely warm and humble man, very devout and traditional, but never "rigid" or cold as many people tend to stereotype traditional Catholics.

He was also very involved in the pro-life movement in France, as evidenced here:

Renowned French Pro-Life Abbott Dies at Age 80

He has definitely been a great instrument of God's grace. Please remember him in your prayers.

Requéscat in pace.


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