Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Lent

The lack of blogging has been the result of burning the candle at both ends.

I do plan to blog durning Lent, but it will take a lower priority. The Comparisons of Prayers will be kept up weekly at the very least. Still, I do want to avoid not blogging. Hopefully my refresher of the liturgical rites will inspire some good topics for blogging.

As a sacristan / master of ceremonies, I am responsible for getting things ready for the liturgies. The biggest part of my annual Lenten sacrifice is getting everything prepared for Holy Week. No small task if you want to do it well. The liturgies are very unique to the liturgical year, so study and planning are necessary. I've been to parishes where the altar servers were literally bumping into each other and the priest was constantly having to give distracting commands to anyone in the Sanctuary. This is something we hope to avoid. The Holy Week liturgies are the most beautiful of the liturgical year, and thus I don't want to give anyone an excuse to dread it.

As for Lent, I have been asked by several people about what they should do for Lenten penances. I always have to go back to what my prior said when I was a novice monk: "focus on things that will build your virtue, that way they will be a habit you can continue even when Lent ends."

The self-denial things are fine within reason, but it is often better to focus on the virtues. I tell the kids who ask me that they should focus on doing their tasks, assignments, or chores with more diligence. They should be more focused in their prayers. They should try to be more courteous to their parents, siblings, and friends.

If they still beg me for a more "penitential" thing, I tell them to eat more vegitables, especially ones they don't like. LOL.

So, have a happy Lent.


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