Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two Pro-Life Videos

Way back in April, The American Papist posted these two videos, and I thought, now that I have my own blog, I would also post them here.
His original posts are at these two links:
Partial-Birth Abortion "Demo"
Rap video

The first is a doctor giving "demonstration" (using a doll) to a group of studens on what actually happens in a partial-birth abortion. Even though many know, it somehow drives home the point seeing it this way. The video in his link still works, so you can watch the video there.

The rap video "Can I Live?" is based on rapper Nick Cannon's true life story where his mother seriously considered aborting him, but decided to not to. It is well done and the video is very powerful. Apparently this was a rather popular video on B.E.T. as well.

EDIT - Links to the rap video have been removed. Nick Cannon's website no longer exists and any links to that bring up links to extremely inappropriate sites instead.

These are definitely videos to "pass around."

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